Want a Second Look?

When you had your 2018 or 2019 tax return prepared and filed, did you have a certified public accountant with more that 40 years of accounting and tax preparation experience on your side? If you used Joplin Tax, you did.

Are you sure you received the maximum refund allowed by law on your recent returns? If you used Joplin Tax, you did.

Do you know that you are legally allowed to review your previously filed tax returns and amend those filings if it is discovered you are entitled to an additional refund? You are, and Joplin Tax Service will help.

Contact us and schedule a “Second Look” at your prior state and federal tax returns. Often times, the well trained trained staff at Joplin Tax can discover errors and omissions in your previously filed returns, which went undiscovered by those less less experienced.

After all, when using a nationally franchised tax preparation firm, the staff may not have the experience – or determination – to ask the next question necessary to discover a way to get you the maximum return to which you are legally entitled. We will ask those questions.

Were you eligible for, but didn’t receive, an education tax credit, earned income tax credit, or was your filing status not accurately evaluated? Any one of these errors may potentially lead to you not receiving what you are legally entitled.

Contact Pat Kelly, CPA, at Joplin Tax Service and schedule an appointment for a FREE second look at your previous returns. You may be surprised at what less experienced preparers missed.

We promise… you will always get The Max with Joplin Tax.